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Limerick Nightlife – The dazzling Irish beauty!

This thriving county offers a wide variety of activities to its visitors. From wine bars to strip clubs Limerick has them all. There are many venues worth to be seen and many things worth to be done in Limerick. What are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Limerick now! Even though apparently it is a small county, it encompasses all sorts of relaxing spots where you can enjoy your spare time! Focus your attention on what appeals to you most and without a doubt you will find exactly that particular type of venue in Limerick!

Bars – A mystical spot of lights

The magnetic bar scene attracts both locals and tourists every night, therefore it is easy to understand why the parties go on and on forever in this Irish county! The entertaining environment, the live music performances and the friendly and helpful staff ensure a high client service each time you enter any of Limerick's bars! However, this is not all! Limerick continues to surprise its visitors annually with its constant growth! More and more travelers seem to make Limerick their favorite holiday destination for various reasons – it is cheap, the majority of the bars are within a walking distance from one to another, but most importantly the tourists are attracted by the welcoming general atmosphere! Visiting Limerick without actually having a drink at Clem Smith's Bar would be a complete loss. Here not only that you will feel a different type of vibe but you will also enjoy quality music and friendly staff. Moreover, some other places that must be included on your visiting list are Clohessy's Bar (located at Howley's Quay), but also Curragower Seafood Bar!

Pubs – A classy tone for fun!

Undoubtedly in Limerick you will find something to suit your personality no matter what your tastes are. In other words there are few chances not to find at least one place that will fully please you! Either that you seek a peaceful spot or a club where you can dance, here you will find something that will suit your interests! The cold beer, the picturesque views and the overwhelming good spirit will help you boost your mood. What more could you want? Limerick is not short in spots where you can have fun and drink a nice icy beer with your family or friends! Here are some of the best examples where you could spend some quality time – Dolans (a stylish pub situated on the dock road), High School (a popular tourist pub) or even Finn's (a cozy and welcoming environment)

Nightclubs – Sensual venues for entertainment

From traditional Irish music sessions to modern music parties, the nightclubs here guarantee a memorable night out irrespective of your age! The impressive number of places with personality, the authentic architecture combined with an electrifying atmosphere provides a great range of choice from where a tourist can choose! The luxurious surroundings and the fine cocktails, which are specific to Limerick, will add some more flavors to the vibrant nightlife here! The world wide cuisine, the impressing building architecture and the stylish interiors convert Limerick's nightclubs in genuine treasures! Looking for a place to hang out in Limerick? Then think about the following venues – Icon nightclub, which is part of Smyths bar, Big Disco, which has a special room just for Rn'B, The Sinbin and Aubar Nightclub! People of all ages and nationalities gather here to party, therefore it is safe to say that the cultural diversity in Limerick is high! So, what are you waiting for? You can enjoy your life to the fullest! You can have a good night out, just in Limerick! Book a room and the rest will come naturally!